Morris Roberts Local Journalism Foundation

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The foundation helps ensure that local journalism can always pursue reporting that serves to make a difference in small & mid-sized communities, whether by exposing wrongs, demanding accountability or helping readers understand and navigate our world.

This nonprofit provides support for local reporting and journalism so that news organizations can continue to inform and educate their communities.

A free society depends on a free press. A free press depends on your support.

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Our Mission

“The Morris Roberts Local Journalism Foundation’s mission is to support and preserve high-quality, community journalism.

Examples of Journalism with Impact

“In Victoria, open-records lawsuits filed by the Advocate were critical in exposing the illegal deal that landed former Congressman Blake Farenthold a $160,000 job as a lobbyist for the Calhoun Port Authority.”

In Tyler, the city recently honored the Morning Telegraph for the integral role it played in helping residents survive the devastating winter storm that caused so much pain, damage and loss of life across our state. The city said our team “through courageous action, rose above Winter Storm Uri to care for our community.”

In Longview, the News-Journal shined a light on the growing problem of abandoned buildings and the increasing issue of homelessness in that area. Shortly thereafter, investors bought some of those properties and have prepared it for redevelopment.

In Marshall, the News Messenger through words and pictures, told the tale of inhumane conditions and euthanized dogs at the Humane Society of Marion County – a story which, without our coverage, might never have come to light publicly.”

In Carthage, the Panola Watchman was on the case of a longtime assistant district attorney accused of failing to properly investigate the criminal histories of witnesses, while telling court officials she had done so.

In Kilgore, the News Herald continues to cover a years-long lawsuit which could result in the local school district recovering nearly a quarter-million dollars lost in 2019 “as the result of a statewide lawsuit which drastically changed how heavy oilfield equipment is taxed in Texas.”

How It Works

More Local Journalism

Changes in advertising revenues have created financial constraints at media companies, and that can often lead to fewer reporters and fewer big, ambitious projects. Reader and sponsor support is more critical than ever.

Providing a non-profit source of funding for newsrooms means they are not dependent on market swings, so a more consistent amount of local content can be produced about the town readers live, work or play in. 

More Local Jobs

Your donation provides more local jobs in your community. As your local news source thrives, more journalism jobs can become available.

More accurate news

Big news corporations are often driven by financial motivations and can be biased on news topics. Local news provides an accurate depiction of the facts in a way that local residents can understand.

 Investigative projects can have many costs you don’t see, such as records requests or mileage, that are essential to rigorous reporting
Greater accountability

The rise of the “news desert” has taken a toll across our state and nation. Loosely defined as a place without committed professional journalists, this trend has left communities bereft of the service local newspapers provide — serving as a watchdog of local government. In places where that scrutiny no longer exists, we have seen a rise in the misuse of taxpayer funds, a rise in the abuse of power by officials and a rise in reports of official misconduct.

By supporting the Morris Roberts Foundation, you are supporting the work being done in our communities to always hold officials accountable.


We work to showcase our communities’ diversity in experiences and thoughts so that everyone can have a better understanding of where they live and their place in it.

Local journalism helps connect neighbors with each other. 

Local Journalism

Local journalism reflects what the community cares about.

Investigative work is the most time-consuming, costly, and important work any newsroom pursues. It is our hope that you will recognize this and help us protect the future of the type of journalism that has a direct impact.